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Summer Hat Pikachu Returns To ‘Pokémon GO’ For Some Players


Pokemon Go has added their Summer Pikachu back to the game!

The new variant of Pikachu is back into the game of Pokemon Go but only for a specific region.

It is surging a lot of discussions from disgusted and frustrated fans.

This Pikachu is only here for a short time

One of the most favored and costumed Pikachu is only returning for a short time in Pokemon Go. This iconic yellow mouse has been spotted wearing a significant headgear that makes it go by summer Pikachu’s name.

As summer approaches, this fan-favorite has made a comeback but only for a limited period of time.

Pokemon Go has been a monumental success since the launch of the game back in 2016. Even though the game suffered fewer people installing the app, it surged back again from 2020. 2021 has been a huge year for the game and personally for Niantic as well.

Some of the most common Pokemon variants displayed on the game are done with the help of hats. These hats are costumed which are paired on shinnies and even legendaries.

One of the most common variants is called the hatted Pikachu in the game. This Pikachu often appears during several events in the game. Especially, this Pikachu was a fan favorite when the developers first introduced it.

Right now, the new variant has made a comeback as well. But fans are making that into discussions and several topics that have made a lot of people frustrated. The new Pikachu is someone who will only appear for special events inside the game.

Who will get a chance to get this Pikachu?

People who reign from the Mediterranean and African regions might have the chance to catch this Summer Pikachu.

The Summer Pikachu is the cool version of the Electric-type Pokemon as it is seen sporting a black pair of shades.

According to a new Reddit post by a user, it is stated that Pikachu will appear “in the wild in your region.“. Players will also get a gift of about 30 Pokeballs, as was later confirmed by Pokemon Go developers.

But here was a catch. The phrase “in your region” led to utter confusion as many players thought the event is worldwide. Summer Hat Pikachu is only available for players who live in the Northern Hemisphere as Summer is approaching.

The variant has appeared worldwide twice before, in 2018 and 2019. The appearances were marked in July and August as summer was still reigning.

Image courtesy of LiftingandZombies/YouTube Screenshot

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