‘Summer in Mara’ to release on the Nintendo Switch, Steam next month

Summer in Mara official logo

Up and coming simulation game, Summer in Mara, by independent game studio Chibig is about to release on the Nintendo Switch and Steam on June 16, 2020.

Making an entry into the sim genre, the game is a story-driven adventure title, which features a myriad of quests to finish. Players take on the role of Koa, a child with an adventurous spirit and the main driving force of the game.

A Slapdash Adventure

The game starts off with a simple premise of receiving a letter from grandma. Consequently, prompting our 11-year old orphan to haphazardly brave the unknown across land and waters. Eerily reminiscent as an intro of a certain popular sim game we have all known and loved.

Set in a sandboxed archipelago, Koa’s travel sends her from one island to the next. Eventually encountering new sights along the way.

Throughout her journey, she will come across other characters who will play an essential role in making Koa’s world lively and engaging. These NPCs also add an interactive element into the game, such as being able to build relationships with and trade stuff.

While not the first, such feature makes the game to be in league with the likes of Animal Crossing, Story of Seasons, etc. Iconic titles of the Japanese simulation game genre and even pioneers of the gameplay element.

Developing Koa’s character into becoming a better version of herself is also a major aspect of the game. An exciting feature that gives the wandering protagonist a sense of growth that grants her new abilities and skills, such as crafting.

With at least around 130 items to make, use, and trade, completionists can expect to spend significantly more time doing item creations. That is more time on top of the game’s perceived 30-hour gameplay.

Changing for the Better

With each significant growth, the child adventurer becomes better equipped to alter the world around her. Starting from the basic up to something more advanced. Making each change a significant improvement from the original, as driven by the game’s quest-based mechanics.

Not going too far into the spoiler territory, that includes improving her boat. Giving her access to better vessel to ride the waves, in terms of look and speed.

However, moving across islands and making significant advancements in them is a feat never done in just a single day. For this reason, Summer in Mara will feature a day-and-night cycle that gives the game its needed calendar system.

Image used courtesy of Nintendo/YouTube Screenshot

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