‘Super Dragon Ball Heroes’ Episode 4: Release date finally revealed!

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 4

After a lengthy wait, fans will finally see Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 4. The franchise has finally announced the new episode’s release date after more than a month’s wait.

The new arc, the New Space-Time War arc, has finally begun and Goku and Vegeta are in a place that Fu’s dark power created. As they are about to face new much-strange enemies, what is waiting for them in Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 4?

Goku, Vegeta’s Return on the Small Screen

Goku and Vegeta are about to face some of the most powerful foes as the new arc begins. There will also be big returns happening.

Fortunately, a release date is finally set and fans will soon see the much-awaited events to occur.

Twitter user DBSChronicles announced the news Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 4 would drop on June 20.

According to Comicbook, the release will coincide with the delay of the original card arcade game’s newest expansion in Japan.

So, what will happen from here? After breaking through a powerful new form of the Evil Saiyan’s Ki, Vegeta saw Goku struggling against a Goku Black.

The latter seemed to turn much stronger after the two faced him before in the universe.

Titled “Super Saiyan Rose vs. Ultra Instinct! A Great Planet-Shaking Battle!!”, it already teased what would happen in the series.

“Vegeta overwhelmed Cumber and Turles. However, Red Masked Saiyan gets the better of Goku and co. singlehandedly,” the official synopsis read. “He then tries to destroy Planet Vegeta. In the midst of a planet-shaking duel, Goku and co. are rescued by the ‘Ultimate Android’ who has been brought back from Hell!”

Sure, Goku Black Rose will defeat Goku and Vegeta without sweat, but someone will come to their rescue.

An Ultimate Android is said to return and many believe it will be Cell.

The Episode’s Delay

The previous episode aired on May 9, making the wait for Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 4 more than a month.

On the same day Goku Day was celebrated, Toei animation announced the new Dragon Ball Super movie.

Titled “Pride of the Warrior Race! Vegeta’s Awakening,” it featured Vegeta’s Evil Saiyan transformation after being overwhelmed by Turles and Cumber, per Dual Shockers.

To recall, Vegeta faced Turles and Cumber alone, giving him the chance to achieve a new power tapping Saiyans’ Evil Power.

The COVID-19 pandemic once again brought the recent delay as Japan initiated another stage of emergency.

As it will now make a triumphant return, viewers are up for more adventure and revelations. The series has featured a lot of unbelievable turn of events, like bringing back Super Saiyan 4 and introducing new Saiyan transformations.

In no time, fans are about to witness Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 4 on June 20.

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