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‘Super Dragon Ball Heroes’: Here’s why Vegeta’s not on Goku’s side


Super Dragon Ball Heroes has officially started the Space-Time War arc, featuring Goku collaborating with the villain, Hearts.

These two were supposed to confront Cooler and Frieza, but Vegeta seemed to be missing in action. So, where does the Prince of Saiyan is all along in Super Dragon Ball Heroes?

The two versions of Vegeta

According to Comicbook, the spinoff series has introduced two versions of Vegeta. The first one is the original version that fans know all along.

The other one, on the other hand, is part of the Time Patrol. The Time Patrol Vegeta knows a lot of tricks that you can think of.

The real Vegeta doesn’t know how these techniques work, let alone have any idea about it. The second version of the prince can easily tap the power of Super Saiyan 3 and Super Saiyan 4.

Though these two Vegetas have the same personalities, they differ from the lives they have, especially in Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

Vegeta’s whereabouts

Twitter user DBS Chronicles revealed the events of the series’ manga version, which reflected the events of the anime’s latest episode.

“Fuu’s goal is finally complete!” he captioned the snaps, including Vegeta’s whereabouts.

“Goku, trapped in the Fake Universe, gets a company by Frieza, Cooler, Hearts, and many more new characters! Will he be able to escape?” he added.

Asap Land noted that if Vegeta could not be on Goku’s side, it was simply because they were not in the same place.

By the looks of it, Goku woke up on a different part of the planet earth because he was sent to it.

Sadly, he was not dispatched on the same planet where Vegeta was in Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

Goku’s battle alone

Goku was going against the most formidable enemies they had today on his home planet.

He was facing the likes of Turtles, the antagonist from the movie Dragon Ball Z: The Great Battle for Destiny of the World.

He also went against Cumber, the famous Evil Saiyan. Now that Goku was on his own, could he defend himself, or someone would miraculously come to help him?

There are theories Temporal Patrol’s Vegeta Xeno may appear on Goku’s side as he faces these enemies.

Also, it remains to be seen why Hearts chose to be on Goku’s side to fend off his foes. It looks like these characters have their own reasons, revealing the mysteries of their own initiatives as Super Dragon Ball Heroes continues.

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