‘Super Mario 64’ PC port the closest to a full-on remaster


The unofficial PC port of Super Mario 64 is looking better than ever, thanks to the game’s latest fan-made texture pack.

Super Mario 64 just turned 24 last month and has aged gracefully thanks to modders stealthily releasing a PC version of the Nintendo 64 (N64) title on PC.

The PC version requires no emulator whatsoever since it runs on DirectX with the rig’s native resolution, scaling up to 4K and running at a silky smooth 60 frames per second.

It even supports Xbox controllers without any hassle. But, to be honest, the experience isn’t quite the same without the N64’s ridiculous gamepad.

As great as the game looks and feels, however, there’s only so much one can improve upon when it comes to textures that are old enough to drink, though it seems the modding scene has found an answer to that as well.

Taking Super Mario 64 to the next level

Apparently, getting the 3D platformer to run by today’s standards just wasn’t enough for the modding community, as they attempted (and succeeded) at one-upping themselves by completely revamping the textures.

16 contributors painstakingly redrew all the textures manually at a much higher scale, giving the port a much better look yet maintaining the retro aesthetic of the original.

Fans interested in giving the new “sm64redrawn” texture pack a look can check it out on its GitHub page.

Mario’s first 3D outing

Super Mario 64 made its debut on June 23, 1996, for Nintendo’s 64-bit console, which marked the first-ever 3D Mario adventure.

As is usually the case, Mario finds out that Princess Peach has once again been kidnapped by his notorious nemesis, Bowser. This time around, the mustachioed plumber will have to scour the princess’ very own castle in hopes of finding the missing maiden.

Despite being an N64 launch title, Super Mario 64 quickly rose to critical acclaim as fans and players fell in love with the game’s vibrant graphics, stunning sound/music design, and complete lack of loading times.

A significant number of critics and publications to this day deem the platformer as one of the greatest games of all time, making it a near-perfect way of transitioning a video game franchise from the old generation to the new. A remake called Super Mario 64 DS was released on the Nintendo DS in 2004.

Rumors have been swirling that Nintendo may have plans for remastered Switch ports of Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy, though the Japanese video game company has yet to make an official announcement.

Featured image courtesy of Nintendo

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