‘Super Mario Bros.’, ‘The Lost Levels’ get their own dedicated websites

Super Mario Bros. official website

The Super Mario Bros. franchise is hitting 35 years this year. In celebration of this milestone achievement, both the original Super Mario Bros. and its sequel, Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, are getting their own official websites.

Originally in Japanese, the websites give a brief overview of each game as well as a basic idea with their gameplay. Everything in an engaging and colorful manner that is sure to pique anyone’s attention. See their websites here and here.

It is well worth mentioning that these classic titles came before the birth of the internet. Seeing them having their own websites is truly a first and welcome.

Trip Back Memory Lane

Initially introduced in 1985, the first Super Mario Bros. kickstarts a series that remains influential even to this day.  Generating wannabe clones and competition that vie to imitate, let alone surpass, the franchise’s success. Yet, none had managed to topple its reign as one of the best-selling titles of all time in its genre.

The idea of a sequel to the original Super Mario Bros. may come as confusion for many people. Whereas for many, that title would deservedly be “Super Mario Bros. 2,” in reality, the genuine follow-up to the original would be known by more complicated labeling—Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels.

The Super Mario Bros. 2, as many know it outside of Japan, is actually just a re-skin of an altogether different game, Doki Doki Panic. The real sequel has been relatively obscure to many in the international audiences for a long while due to The Lost Levels’ exclusivity in Japan. It was not until the game sees update and inclusion in the Super Mario All-Stars on the SNES that it got its international renown.

Experiencing the Classics

With undying popularity, the classic titles have seen port after port, making them playable on literally various Nintendo consoles. All thanks to Nintendo’s Virtual Console, which lets players enjoy titles from the past in their modern hardware.

Even Switch owners can now enjoy the same games in their original form as part of a subscription to Switch Online. Alternatively, they have their enhanced SNES versions, too. The latter being a feature exclusive to the Super Mario All-Stars.

As part of the franchise’s 35th-anniversary celebration, Nintendo is also launching a modernized version of the Game & Watch. While retaining all the original physical layout, this classic handheld will now run in full color. Let us not also forget that it would be running Super Mario Bros., The Lost Levels, and Mr. Game & Watch as part of the deal.

Image used courtesy of Super Mario Bros.

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