Super Nintendo World of Japan is set to open in 2021

Super Nintendo World is gearing up to open its gates in the coming spring of 2021. The theme park is located in Osaka, Japan.

Nintendo’s announcement says that the “Super Nintendo World” is opening as the latest area of Universal Studios Japan. It will open in Osaka, Japan, in the spring of 2021.

The theme park was initially planned to open before the 2020 summer Olympics in Tokyo. However, those dates were pushed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The “Super Nintendo World”

The theme park is based on the Nintendo characters (such as Super Mario) and their world. Super Nintendo World is installed at the northern end of the park.

The guests can enter the land through a warp pipe from an entrance plaza. The entrance plaza has lamp posts, a power star in the pavement, and Super Nintendo World signage next to the pipe.

The pipe, however, leads into Princess Peach’s Castle. While exiting the castle, guests enter the 2 level courtyard on the 2nd floor, immersed in the Mushroom Kingdom with Bowser’s Castle across the area.

The Mario Cafe & Store

Before opening the Super Nintendo World in spring 2021, Nintendo will open its “Mario Cafe & Store.” The store will be located in the Hollywood area of the park.

The store unites the restaurants and retail stores with the world of Mario. The colors “red” and “green” describe the world of Mario. Moreover, the monument design is inspired by the hats of Mario and Luigi.

As soon as one steps inside the store, they will find the walls of Hatena blocks and clay pipes. Further, they will also find some other familiar things such as the mushrooms. Also, there are a lot of colorful tables.

Themed food and drinks

While in the cafe, one can enjoy food and drinks, which are fun to look at. There are items such as “Pancake Sand” and “Food Cream Soda,” which have Mario and Luigi hats as patterns. They also have soft drinks for sale named “Super Mushroom Drink Bottle.”

The goods park

Apart from the exclusively themed cafe, Nintendo will also open a goods store with the same theme. The shop will be located adjacent to the said cafe.

One can get the original design goods with the game concept, designed by  Universal Studios Japan. Items such as  Mario & Luigi hats and Princess Peach’s crown will be on sale.

In addition to this, there will be an “iconic” lineup that will be centered on a series featuring a design that says “WHOSE CAP?”

The cafe and store will open on October 16, 2020.

Image courtesy of Sundry Photography/Shutterstock

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