Super Nintendo World opens in Japan


Super Nintendo World is now open in Japan. The Mario-themed amusement park opened today, with Shigeru Miyamoto gracing the opening ceremonies.

Super Nintendo World is a much-awaited launch, with a grand opening in Osaka. The event was graced by Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto and current USJ CEO Jean-Louis Bonnier. The duo were also the two first “official” guests inside the theme park.

Nintendo theme park opens amidst pandemic concerns

The Nintendo World theme park received its first reveal late last year. During that time, the gaming company was looking forward to the end of the pandemic. Even with COVID-19 starting to recur, Universal Studios decided to go on with the event.

So far, the opening ceremony had the primary cast with Miyamoto and Bonnier. Mascots of Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Toad were there to help with the festivities.

“The day we’ve been looking forward to has finally arrived!” said Miyamoto to the attendees. “It’s been six years since we started development, and it’s gone so fast. The world’s first real Super Mario world. We’re happy to be able to release it in time for the 35th anniversary.”

The park has many interactive elements, mostly following Mario games’ design aesthetic and their spinoffs. The only issue for the theme park is how to encourage people to interact with many of these objects.

Other Nintendo parks delayed

So far, Super Nintendo World is looking like a long-term project that will be an instant hit once the pandemic blows over. Its colorful design and use of vast spaces work beautifully with much of Mario’s aesthetic over the past three decades or so.

“There are activities here for people of all ages to experience, using all of their senses… Once the pandemic subsides, I hope everyone around the world will come and visit us. We are waiting for you!” added Miyamoto.

The park originally planned to coincide its opening day with the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The grand opening, however, delayed to February 2021 due to the pandemic, and again delayed from Osaka’s State of Emergency.

So far, reports from Japan note that the entire park costs around 60 billion yen, roughly translating to US$550 million. The theme park will follow strict guidelines for the health and safety of its visitors. These measures include capping visitor numbers at a time.

Even then, Super Nintendo World does not have a design that takes account of the current pandemic. Whether it can hold on until everything works out is something we need to see. So far, other Nintendo Worlds in other locations like Florida and Orlando are delayed.

Featured image courtesy of Nintendo/Youtube Screenshot

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