‘Super Punch-Out!!’ arcade version coming to Nintendo Switch

Nintendo classic title, Super Punch-Out!!

The Arcade Archives is expanding on its library as it expects to see the addition of Super Punch-Out!!, the arcade version. Retro gamers hailing from the 1980s can relive their nostalgia as the 1984 title gets its release on the Nintendo Switch.

Known for re-releasing old classics for the modern audience, the Arcade Archives will see the inclusion of Super Punch-Out!! as part of its overall growing portfolio. More than just porting games from their original console to the Switch, however, each title also gets added configurations. Settings that give players the option to tweak the game according to their unique preference, like the difficulty.

Arcade Version, Not SNES

To reiterate, this version of the Super Punch-Out!! will not be the SNES version, but the arcade one. Which, while sharing some commonalities as a similar game, is also different. The primary disparity boiling down to controls that introduce the “ducking” system that gives an “immersive feeling” to the game. Particularly, by mimicking the vibe of being in an actual ring, arcade-style.

Presentation-wise, players who experienced playing the arcade version could expect the same on the Switch. That is, by highlighting the same dual-screen style seen from the 1984 title. Pretty much everything is expectedly the same, with only a slight touch to make a worthwhile port.

To those who are completely oblivious at what the game is about, Super Punch-Out!! is about boxing. Players take on the role of Little Mac who, by winning fights after fights, must climb up the rank into becoming the ultimate champion.

While seemingly a simple game of punching and evading, as is true to the sport, only in 2D visuals, the game offers enough challenge to be “easy.” The action itself is comprised of moves that individually work best on specific scenarios. Being aggressively offensive, too, is not always a key to victory as, other times, the defensive play makes for a more feasible choice.

Notable Surprises

Nintendo by label, Super Punch-Out!! is also popular for showcasing cameos of its other iconic characters. They include Donkey Kong, Jr., Donkey Kong, Luigi, and Mario, which, while not playable, makes for obvious presence in the background.

Although not necessarily a superior version than the subsequent re-release on the SNES, both versions share similar visuals and style. But with the added disparity as well, considering the difference between in the hardware of the two platforms.

When it arrives, Super Punch-Out!! will become available on the eShop for $8.

Image used courtesy of NintendoComplete/YouTube Screenshot

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