Supergiant’s ‘Hades’ makes over 1 million units sold

Indie titles are either a hit or miss with gamers, but for experienced devs, a great indie is almost a guarantee. For Supergiant Games, it seems like they’ve hit the gold mine once again with Hades.

Hades launched for the Nintendo Switch last week. The game has been available in an alpha period over a PC. The game is well-received, to say the least, and based on the sales, it’s one of the developer’s biggest game to date. So how big is the success of the game?

Over a million sold

In a tweet, the developers announced that the game had sold over 1,000,000 units. Of that number, 700,000 comes from the game’s early access version on PC. The developers are obviously happy with the amount of support they are getting, but they are proud of more than a few reasons.

As per the tweet, the developers allowed early access to the game so that they can improve it along with the suggestion of players. The game has changed significantly since being made available. This is because there is a back and forth interaction between the developers and the fans of the game.

The game is now out on the Switch, and its launch version is more refined than ever. It’s currently one of the top games on the platform.

What is the game about?

Hades puts players in the shoes of Agreus, the son of Hades. In the game, players are tasked with trying to get out of the underworld.

The genre of the game is a roguelike, and it means players are going through the game’s dungeons again and again. Death is only a minor consequence as once players die, and they’ll have to be taken to the beginning of the dungeon while keeping some of their upgrades along the way.

In the game, Agreus can gain the favor of the Greek pantheon of Gods to give him a few upgrades along the way. He’ll also be guided by some other Greek Myth figures. Agreus will be facing various tough bosses using unique weapons.

Hades is now out for the Nintendo Switch. It’s another stunning indie game from the makers of Transistor and Bastion. With enough support, the developers are most likely going to add new content to the game. Since this is a roguelike, players are going to be enjoying it again and again.

Image used courtesy of Hades

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