‘SUPERHOT: Mind Control Delete’ is free for owners of original game


SUPERHOT: Mind Control Delete is coming out next week July 16. Players who bought the original game can also get the newer followup for free.

SUPERHOT: Mind Control Delete will be awesome if players based on the previous entry. The game is not only engaging as a puzzle FPS but has a level of lunatic energy to it.

MCD is four times bigger than first SUPERHOT

Mind Control Delete was going to be a DLC for the original game. The SUPERHOT Team announced the title in 2017, but it did not pan out as they expected. The entire thing kept pushing into development, creating what it is today.

MCD is now much bigger than the original title it intended to expand. According to the dev team, it’s now four times bigger than the first game. Combine this with the “time moves only when you move” mechanic, and it’s endless fun.

SUPERHOT also has a ton of procedurally-generated skirmishes in it. The roguelike elements are superb, together with expanded moves, skills, and weapons. Now, fans can get the next iteration of the franchise for free, albeit with some caveats.

Mind Control Delete is free with some caveats

As mentioned, players can get the next game for free, but within limits. First, players need to have bought the first title before the new game’s release. This stipulation gives everyone a time limit of up to July 16 to get the first SUPERHOT.

The giveaway also only qualifies for a purchased version of the game. If players got the game as a freebie at some point, they’re likely ineligible for it. This further stipulation disqualifies Twitch Prime or Xbox Game Pass members.

SUPERHOT VR does not qualify either. The FAQ for the franchise lists ShVR as “different games.”

“If you only ever played SUPERHOT VR, we wholeheartedly recommend that you pick up the original SUPERHOT one of the participating platforms soon,” said the SUPERHOT Team. “You definitely won’t be disappointed and, if you complete your purchase before July 16th, you’ll also get MCD for free when it launches.”

On the upside, SUPERHOT: Mind Control Delete will be available even for old players. Those who supported the game even from years ago are eligible for the new game. New fans also have until July 16 to get both titles.

They’re worth every penny, so new fans will likely not be disappointed. SUPERHOT: Mind Control Delete will come out on July 16 for all platforms. These include most PC storefronts, Playstation, and the Xbox.

Images courtesy of Gorodenkoff/Shutterstock

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