SuperM will return to ‘Ellen Show’ months after Mark called out Ellen DeGeneres

SuperM will return to 'Ellen Show' months after Mark called out Ellen DeGeneres

South Korean supergroup SuperM will, reportedly, return to Ellen Show this month.

According to reports, SuperM will perform in the Sept. 23 episode of the talk show.

Who is SuperM?

SuperM is a seven-member group of SM Entertainment. Its members include SHINee’s Taemin, EXO’s Baekhyun and Kai, and NCT’s Taeyong, Mark, Ten, and Lucas.

According to Soompi, most of the group’s promotions are done overseas.

Last year, SuperM made an appearance on Ellen Show to promote “Jopping.” Their return to the talk show will take place two days before the release of their album, Super One.

Two tracks from Super One have already been released, namely, “Tiger Inside” and “100.”

SuperM member Mark called out Ellen DeGeneres

During last year’s appearance, Mark, reportedly, called out Ellen DeGeneres for asking about everyone in the group’s relationship status.

“All right, just real quick, and not for me, but obviously I need to know for the world are you all single?” she asked.

“Wait, why are you always curious about this, though?” Mark ask.

DeGeneres replied by saying that it’s part of her job.

Even though Mark asked DeGeneres the cryptic question with respect, some of his fans were still convinced that he called the comedian out.

Mark backed by fans after calling out Ellen DeGeneres 

Mark backed by fans after calling out Ellen DeGeneres

In fact, they even praised him for trying to put an end to the media’s obsession with other people’s relationship status.

“Ellen asked if SuperM were single and Mark said, ‘why do you guys always aks that,’” one Twitter user wrote.

“Man’s said what needed to be said,” another person tweeted.

“Ugh this!! Like why do you all care if they’re dating or not. It’s none of your business anyway,” another SuperM fan commented.

‘Ellen Show’ September guests confirmed

SuperM isn’t the only celebrity guests that will make an appearance in Ellen Show when it premieres this week. According to reports, some of DeGeneres’ guests include Kerry Washington, Alec Baldwin, Chrissy Teigen, Tiffany Haddish, and more.

Also appearing in Ellen Show this month are Orlando Bloom, Amy Schumer, Chris Rock, and Adam Sandler.

Prior to the guest line-up announcement, National Enquirer claimed that DeGeneres will be interviewing lesser-known celebrities this time around.

“Ellen wants to make the program more diverse and give lesser-known celebrities exposure. The show will have more regular guests – ordinary people doing extraordinary things, especially in communities of color. Guests will no longer be encouraged to flatter Ellen’s ego. They can be much more natural,” the source said.

However, this isn’t true because not only will DeGeneres interview SuperM, she will also interview a slew of A-listers this season.

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