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‘Supernatural’ season 15 final episode hits CW in fall 2020


CW’s sci-fi and fantasy series Supernatural is ending with season 15. Last seven episodes of the season will drop on the fall of 2020.

Due to production shutdowns caused by the global pandemic, countless premiere schedules of different forthcoming titles have been affected. Unluckily, CW’s Supernatural is in this roster of delayed films.

Supernatural’s season 15 will be the show’s last

Curently, Supernatural is the longest-running sci-fi and fantasy series in the history of American television. It has thrilled millions of fans around the world since its debut in 2005. However, even though the show has garnered millions of loyal followers, CW still decided to end it with its 15th season.

Some have referred to this tactic as a network canceling a show. However, for devotees, this is ideal as it allows the creators to adequately wrap up a show rather than leaving it open and unfinished.

Supernatural production delayed due to COVID-19

Before the coronavirus pandemic has affected the world, Supernatural season 15 has already aired 13 episodes. However, after the productions were halted, the final episodes of the show were impossible to produce. The good news is there are only 2 episodes left to film for its farewell season.

Moreover, Supernatural producer and director Jim Michaels has assured fans that the finale will be produced in some form. Michaels tweeted,

“When it is safe to return to work, we will finish what we have started.”

Reportedly, if production delays continue, they are willing to rearrange their schedules to make the final two episodes. President of CW Television, Mark Pedowitz added,

“Everyone wants to end 15 years the right way, so it is important that these two episodes that they are shooting be done the way they hoped to do them.”

Predominantly, CW decided to drop the last seven episodes together to complete the story of the Winchesters. The network is also eyeing a fall 2020 release schedule for Supernatural’s 15th run.

What to expect

Reportedly, the remaining episodes of the series will see even more recognizable figures return as the Winchesters’ story wraps up. Fans can also expect the Winchesters’ half-brother Adam (Jake Abel), who returned in Episode 8, and Charlie (Felicia Day) to appear again before the show ends.

For the plot, the only thing certain is the Winchesters facing off against God as their final challenge.  Nevertheless, Jensen Ackles who play Dean Winchester assured that Supernatural’s ending will satisfy fans.

The actor shared,

“It should put a lot of people in a position of feeling great about the journey they took with us and the Winchester brothers. That’s certainly how I feel about it, and we’re really excited to tell that story.”

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