Supreme Court trashes claim damages of Kim Hyun Joong

The Supreme Court trashes the claims for damages from the former girlfriend of Kim Hyun Joong and putting an end to the legal battle that sparked over five years ago.

In 2014, “A,” also known as his former girlfriend, filed a criminal complaint against Kim Hyun Joong. She claimed that he inflicted injuries on her ribs, and it took six weeks to heal.

Settlement is paid

“A” lifted the complaint after Hyun Joong released an official apology and agreed to pay a settlement of 600 million won or approximately $538,200. The payment is under the condition that they would be maintaining the confidentiality of the issue.

Hyun Joong paid the fine of 5 million won or approximately $4,500 for battery and assault charges.

A filed another case

In 2015, “A” filed another complaint about damages worth 1.6 billion won or approximately $1.4 million by saying that the abuse of Hyun Joong caused her a miscarriage. She also added that he pressed her to have an abortion.

Later in the same year,  Hyun Joong filed a counter-suit demanding the exact amount and claimed that she was spreading false information.

“A” gave birth to Hyun Joong’s child in September 2015 and described herself as raising child.

Supreme Court in favor of Kim Hyun Joong

November 12, 2020, the Supreme Court ordered “A” to pay Hyun Joong the amount of 100 million or approximately $89,700 in damages.

The amount is to cover the upholding verdict from the first and second trials, which they stated.

Moreover, there is no evidence that “A” suffered from miscarriage due to the abuse of Hyun Joong. Including pressuring her to have an abortion.

As a celebrity, the public image of Kim Hyun Joong suffered greatly, and his reputation has been damaged.

However, it is now clear that the claims of “A” were purely false information.

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Image courtesy of kimhyunjoong606/YouTube Screenshot

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