Surefire way to make iPads last longer than it was intended for

Three surefire way to make your iPad last longer than it was intended for

Apple’s iPad is a workhorse for many users when it comes to consuming video content or doing productivity tasks.

It is not a secret that consumer tech companies want people to replace their phones year after year. Even the slightest update on their devices warrant a brand new release of a device.

Many can’t be blamed for wanting the latest, newest, and fastest devices. For others, maintaining their devices in tip-top shape is more important. The majority wants to get the most of their hard-earned money from the devices that buy.

The regular lifespan of a smartphone is between two and three years. Tablets normally have a longer lifespan as they are built sturdier and have bigger battery sizes. The iPad is no exception in this situation and is in fact one of the most durable devices in the market. Below are three guaranteed ways to keep iPads running for longer.

Clean iPads inside and out

The majority of users around the world have the tendency to download an app and use it only once or twice ever. These apps end up being clutter in the devices that tend to slow down the processing of other tasks.

As such, the idea of spring cleaning should not be limited to closets or garages. They must also be applied to iPads. The cleaning can be done every six months, this period is not too long or too short to induce fatigue in cleaning out storage clutter within the device.

Doing this task is easy, a user just has to go to the storage settings and spot which app takes a huge space within the device.

After identifying which app consumes big storage, cache and saved files of it can be deleted permanently. Some tend to download video or music content on their apps without ever watching or listening to them. These also must go during the iPad spring cleaning.

The cleaning shouldn’t be limited to the internal storage. It should also extend to the hardware, particularly to the iPad’s ports and speaker grills. Dust and dirt can accumulate in the charging port, which can make the charging of the iPad less efficient. They can also block sound blasting from the speaker grills.

Accessories make iPads look cooler and safer

Apple has specially designed cover cases for their iPads. These covers not only make iPads look sleeker, but they also protect the screen and body of the device from unwanted scratches and bumps.

Additional accessories such as the recently launched Magic Keyboard and Magic TrackPad can also help in prolonging the life of the iPad. These two accessories lessen the interaction between a user’s finger and the screen. Lesser interaction on the screen means lesser chances of scratching or smudging the screen.

Battery management is key

The main reason why a user would buy a new device is depleted battery life. Battery cycles tend to shorten as the device grows older. Fortunately, Apple has one of the best software that maintains the battery life of their devices.

Users should always remember not to use their iPads in environments with an ambient temperature of more than 35 degrees Celsius. They also shouldn’t use their devices in places under zero degrees Celsius.

Image courtesy of Roberto Nickson/ Unsplash and Daniel Romero/ Unsplash

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