Surface Duo, in trouble because of faulty hinge

Surface Duo, in trouble because of faulty hinge

Some Microsoft Surface Duo users are complaining that the main selling point of the device, which is the hinge, is malfunctioning.

Microsoft, despite its relatively late entry in hardware, is a juggernaut with its Microsoft Surface laptops. It did attempt to enter the smartphone business soon after but failed miserably. Last month, it tried to crack the market again with the Microsoft Surface Duo.

For what it’s worth, the Surface Duo is a revolutionary smartphone device. Not only does it run Android, but its form factor is also incomparable to others. As such, when it was officially announced last year, several tech reviewers couldn’t wait to get their hands on it.

Fast forward to last month, they actually got their test devices. In a marketing ploy, Microsoft prohibited the reviewers from booting the device. Instead, they were only allowed to be in awe with the form factor. The main selling point is, of course, the hinge. It allows the device to be a 2-in-1 device and more.

Microsoft Surface Duo hinge problems are surfacing

No pun intended, but there are Surface Duo users who have taken their frustrations about the device’s hinge to Reddit. Some are reporting that the hinge on their newly bought units is malfunctioning.

In the review videos, the positive verdict on the Surface Duo’s hinge was unanimous. However, the reality is that those are just the first hands-on impression videos. As such, the Surface Duos reviewed haven’t actually gone through the rigors of daily use. Perhaps, this is where the issues come from.

The two hinges on the devices, allegedly, do not align synchronously. In other words, there has to be a manual adjustment on the hinge when the two screens are laid flat. The problem seems to be only popping out on the upper hinge. The bottom works as it should.

Surface Duo, in trouble because of faulty hinge

The company hasn’t owned up to the problem yet

Microsoft hasn’t acknowledged the problem yet. However, this could be a birth pain that the company has to go through to learn what it needs to better the next time around. It is sort of similar to what Samsung had to go through with the Galaxy Fold.

Nevertheless, birth pains aren’t reasons for a company to escape scot-free. Also, the device is quite expensive just for its users to not enjoy the phone thoroughly. Moreover, the internals is even actually outdated on the phone.

If there is indeed an issue with the hinge, there must be something done. Otherwise, there may no longer be a successor to this innovative quasi-foldable smartphone from Microsoft.

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