Surface Duo might ship worldwide Q1 of 2021

The Microsoft Surface Duo might ship sometime during the first quarter of 2021 after it’s released exclusively in the United States this September.

This year has been good for foldable phones. The market is seeing more and more innovation from tech companies that push the envelope forward. On the one hand, Samsung goes all-in on the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and the Galaxy Z Flip 5G. On the other, Microsoft is working double-time on the Microsoft Surface Duo.

Both phones have merits on their own. They implement different mechanisms for their foldable. However, Microsoft seems like it’s playing its cards safely by not going producing more than what they can sell.

Microsoft Surface Duo might launch in Q1 of 2021

Android Central picked up information that the Surface Duo will be released worldwide in the first quarter of 2021. Customers in the United States will already receive theirs as early as September 10.

Microsoft has been burned by the Surface RT. They manufactured more than what they can sell. Unfortunately, the market didn’t receive the first-generation of the Surface tablet well. As a result, the complete Windows-RT lineup is dead. The company has learned their lesson, and they don’t want to repeat the same mistake.

Unfortunately, they might be doing this to their detriment. After making their fanbase wait for almost a year, they are again asking worldwide customers to wait a little longer. Android Central surmises that they might be doing this to check how the market will accept the new device.

May it be a little too late?

Microsoft announced the Surface Duo last year. Its internal specs weren’t officially revealed until a couple of weeks ago. As it confirmed the leaks earlier this year, potential customers of the Surface Duo weren’t too pleased.

The Microsoft foldable device is quite mediocre internally. Yes, its outside mechanisms are polished. However, the processors and features that come with the hefty price tag don’t fully translate to a premium finish.

If Microsoft indeed pushes for the Q1 release next year, the Surface Duo might be a full cycle delayed in the Snapdragon system.

The Surface Duo only features the Snapdragon 855 with only 6GB of RAM. It also doesn’t include a sizeable battery pack. Neither does it support 5G connectivity. To add more insult to injury, it also doesn’t have NFC support.

The Z Fold 2 ships all complete with the latest and greatest hardware available in the market. As such, it can justify the extremely high price-tag. The same may not apply to the Microsoft Surface Duo next year.

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