Surface Duo, still has a lot of bugs but quite promising


The Surface Duo is finally out after keeping its fans waiting for more than a year. The overall verdict is positive, but it is still buggy.

Last year, Microsoft teased its fans in an event in New York. They showed a phone. No, it was a tablet. Or was it a phone and a computer?

Back then, the Microsoft Surface Duo was a completely new concept. It was a unique take on the smartphone that had the form and functionality of a tablet and a computer. However, it was powered by Android, so it was a smartphone.

As such, it drew great interest for people looking for a true multitasking device. Fortunately, the verdict is out, and the experts love the idea, but the execution still has some things left to be desired.

Surface Duo is a multitasking monster

When Microsoft announced the Surface Duo, they promised true multitasking. They forced their audience to imagine working on two screens side-by-side at the same time. Now that the phone is out, they made good on this selling proposition.

Surface Duo users can launch two apps at the same time using the App Group. The mix and match of the apps are unlimited.

Users can watch a YouTube video on one pane while drafting an email on the other pane. They can also do a conference call and take notes at the same time. Unlike in other smartphones, multitasking on the Surface Duo looks more natural. The physical split between the two screens gives the user a sense of actually running two apps.

It still has a lot of bugs to fix and room to improve on

Marques Brownlee said that he is already looking forward to the Surface Duo 2. The foldable smartphone was expected to be buggy because it is first-generation. However, Microsoft nailed the major areas where the phone’s selling proposition comes from.

The concept of true multitasking is a hit. Also, the hinge design provides for ultra-flexibility of use in different scenarios. Lastly, the adaption of Android in Windows is impeccable.

However, as expected, the processor on the foldable doesn’t seem to be enough to power two screens at the same time. It needs more than just 6GB of RAM. In addition, the camera system on the phone also has to be upgraded. If Microsoft wants the Surface Duo to compete with the likes of the iPhone, they at least have to provide more than just a single 11-megapixel lens.

Lastly, Microsoft can still improve on the bugs that haunt the reviewers in their run with the Surface Duo. It includes the transition from app to app, the switching of different viewing modes on the phone, and the flipping from selfie mode to main camera mode.

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