Surface Laptop 3 buyers not thrilled with spontaneous cracks, Microsoft in disarray

Surface Laptop 3 spontaneously cracks for some users, Windows offers free repairs or refunds

Some Surface Laptop 3 buyers are complaining about spontaneous cracks that they experienced with their new device.

Windows is offering free repairs or refunds for affected buyers. The Surface Laptop 3 launched last October 2019. Also, reviews regarding the product are greatly positive.

However, users are even raving about the functionality and the power that the device offers.  Some experts are putting the laptop ahead of all of Apple’s laptop line up.

For a relatively new and young device line up, the Surface Laptop 3 has already made a name for itself in the laptop industry. Unfortunately, like all successes, they are experiencing some speed bumps to the top.

Surface Laptop 3’s screen spontaneously cracks

The problem regarding the laptop’s screen were reported as early as February 2020. Windows immediately investigated on the matter after receiving multiple similar reports on the matter.

Some users were complaining that the screen spontaneously cracks without any pressure applied on the screen surface. Some other complained that the screen is potentially dangerous for other that heavily use the touch screen feature of the laptop.

After the investigation, Windows acknowledged that the problem is actually caused by a hardware glitch. According to the company, the problem persists in only a rare number of cases.

The problem is allegedly caused by a foreign particle that causes hairline fractures invisible to the eyes. As soon as these hairline fractures set in, the screens may spontaneously crack.

Windows if offering free repairs or refunds for affected users

Since Windows has acknowledged the problem, the company has offered two options for their customers. First, users may contact any of their Microsoft Support Team and have the screens repaired free of charge. Second, users may get a complete refund of their money.

The company said that they would be happy to offer the complete refund of the payment, and the Microsoft Support Team will guide them through the process.

Surface Laptop 3 spontaneously cracks for some users, Windows offers free repairs or refunds

Windows 10 May 2020 update delay

Windows leaked through their own website that the Windows 10 May 2020 update will be delayed until May 26 to 28. The delay was caused by a zero point glitch that needs up to two weeks of patching in order to be resolved.

The update is a heavily anticipated one because of the number of upgrades that will come with it. Older laptop models that run Windows 10 will experience a faster operating system, while newer models will have a more efficient machine to run. Additionally, there are several little updates that will make the overall Windows experience a better one.

Images courtesy of Microsoft/Website Screenshot

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