Surface Laptop Go, the perfect pandemic device

Surface Laptop Go, the perfect pandemic device

The Surface Laptop Go was released by Microsoft to be the perfect pandemic device for both students and employees.

During this pandemic, there are non-negotiables when looking for a laptop. First, the camera must be in high-definition so that teachers and colleagues can see the user clearly. Second, the built-in microphones and speakers should also be as clear and crisp as possible. Thirdly, the system must be able to support fast-paced multi-tasking without compromise. Lastly, the laptop must be affordable.

Unfortunately, looking for a device like this is close to impossible. One way or another, a laptop buyer can’t find all these features just in one device. As such, he will either buy a separate webcam or a microphone just to compensate for weak built-in features.

Fortunately, Microsoft is providing everyone with a solution to this problem.

Surface Laptop Go will be the computer for everyone

Microsoft last night, in a very short event, launched the Microsoft Surface Pro X and the Microsoft Laptop Go. The former is more for the adventurous heavy laptop user. The latter, on the other hand, was designed to cater to a more mass market.

Microsoft wants the Surface Laptop Go to be the laptop for everyone during the pandemic. For just a price point starting at US$549, a buyer can get all the features necessary during this time.

First, the Laptop Go is equipped with the 12.4-inch full Pixel Sense touchscreen display.  The ratio of the display is 3:2, so the user can see and appreciate the display better. Although there really isn’t movement these days, the Laptop Go is the lightest Microsoft Surface Laptop to date at just 2.45 pounds.

Second, the newest Microsoft laptop provides unparalleled connectivity for its price point. It has one USB-A port, one USB-C port, and a fast-charging port.

Pandemic-ready laptop

The majority of meetings and classes are done online now. As such, the need for an excellent webcam and microphone is indispensable. Those who intend to buy the Laptop Go will get both of these features with the package.

The front camera is a 720p HD Camera. Its built-in microphones are studio mics that can block out ambient noise and only absorb the voice of the user. The speakers, meanwhile, are OmniSonic speakers with Dolby Audio.

To top it all off, now that everyone is in the house, security is essential. The Microsoft Surface Laptop Go offers this with a built-in fingerprint scanner for a one-touch entry.

Image from Microsoft Surface/ YouTube thumbnail

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