Surface Pro 7 random shut down complaint alerts Microsoft

Surface Pro 7 unexpected shut down causes Microsoft users trouble

Surface Pro 7 users complain about a random shut down during operation. Microsoft acknowledged the issue and is acting on the matter.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 users went online to complain about their devices randomly shutting down. What seems like another buggy firmware from Microsoft brings trouble to affected customers.

Complains from disappointed customers continue to flood the Microsoft forum. Each telling their own experience on how their Surface Pro 7 shut down unexpectedly.

One user posted how his Surface Pro 7 suddenly turned into a black screen. He added that the automatic shut down took place after 30 seconds to one-minute idle time.

Thinking that it was just an auto-sleep or auto shut down function, the user rebooted his Surface Pro 7. However, none of his works were saved and all his previously opened windows and tabs were closed.

The user went to the settings troubleshooting tp check if something was wrong with his settings.  He rebooted the operating system, made sure that automatic updates are up, and run a diagnostic toolkit. To his disappointment, none of what he did fix the issue.

Another complaint from a student Surface Pro 7 user described the experience as detrimental to his learning. He added that might return his device and buy a different brand if the problem persists.


A temporary solution to the problem

Meanwhile, not all users went up the Microsoft forum to complain. Some users who had the same experience and managed to find a solution shared their strategies.

The instruction said, open the Microsoft Store and head over to the Intel Graphics Command Center and install the app from the Microsoft Store. Go to the Command Center and find Settings, System, and Power.

Users should look for Panel Self Refresh. Turn on the said feature for both On Battery and Plugged In option. Reboot the device and check for consistency.

Microsoft responds to the Surface Pro 7 shut down

Microsoft immediately responded to the customers’ complaints. A company representative assured the public that the problem came to their knowledge.

The representative thanked the concerned customers for bringing up the issue. They told the Surface Pro 7 users that their team is actively investigating the matter.

The spokesperson urged its customers to continue to follow the forum thread for any development on the Surface Pro 7. He also asked the public to continue to check Microsoft for Windows Updates.

Image courtesy of Jourdan Wee/Pexels

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