Surface Pro X, now better and faster than previous version

Surface Pro X, now better and faster than previous version

The Microsoft Surface Pro X refreshed version was just announced, and it is now faster and more responsive to its users’ needs.

Last year, Microsoft delved into an area where not many companies have found success in. The company didn’t stop with Intel-powered Surface Pros. Instead, it went on to equip one of its newest Surface Pro X with an ARM-chip. Not many reviews about it have been made. However, the first domino has fallen, and it can only get better from here on.

Microsoft Surface Pro X 2020 is a good refresh

Microsoft, in a short ten-minute presentation, announced the Surface Pro X 2020. Microsoft still names the laptop the Surface Pro X, and not the Surface Pro X2. In other words, the latest release is just a refreshed version of the 2019 model.

Not many external or internal features of the 2-in-1 laptop have changed. It’s still the company’s thinnest and lightest laptop in the Surface Pro lineup. It still has the Surface Slim Pen and the detachable keyboard cover. Both accessories are still sold separately.

The refreshed version of the laptop still promises up to 15 hours of battery life in a single charge. It still just has two USB-C ports. So what has changed with this version?

Microsoft announced that it is equipping the ARM-powered laptop with the latest SQ 2 processor. It also now has a best-in-class graphics performance. The newest processor allows the laptop to be LTE capable making it one of the most versatile laptops out there in terms of functionality and connectivity.

Whose laptop is this for?

As of the moment, being an ARM-based laptop, Microsoft is still in the process of migrating Intel-based coded programs to the Pro X. Essentially, this was the crux of the 2-in-1 laptop. Yes, it offered the best bits of a smartphone’s efficiency and functionality, but it doesn’t actually deliver a full laptop experience yet.

The same problem will most likely be experienced by Apple in its first Apple Silicon-powered laptop. Nevertheless, Microsoft has promised that the company is working on fixing the optimization for the majority of the usually used apps. This is a good step forward.

So for those who are looking for the full functionality of a laptop, this laptop may not be the best option yet. Opting for the regular Surface Pro variant may be better. However, if upgrading can wait, standing by for a more stable and more supported Surface Pro X will be worthwhile.

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