‘Surgeon Simulator 2’ shows off fresh gameplay in a shiny new trailer


Surgeon Simulator 2 released a brand new trailer and the game is as silly as ever.

Dev team Bossa Studios are showing off new features, including level creation tools. The gameplay overview for Surgeon Simulator 2 adds many much-awaited features.

The new inclusions come in superb detail, including more silliness like body part vending machines. Bossa is also very proud of their level creator, which lets players make other games in their entirety.

New Surgeon Simulator adds new gameplay features

The trailer for the game highlights much of the chaos that the 2013 title gave players. Gamers are back working on Bob, the generic everyman who is still sick to the bone. The tools they have in their disposal come from the times.

The setting for the new game’s surgeries is the 20th century, around the mid-60s to 70s. Everything looks muted, sterilized, and lacking color. The operating theater is something players can find from old movies.

Like the original game, the player’s job is to do a transplant for the patient, Bob. The addition of a diagnostics scanner helps remind players of their goals. The theater also offers more information, including the trusty blood level and blood loss rate.

Players can now use different syringes to help them stagger the death of their patients. From tranexamic acid to blood transfusions, the game seems to be more forgiving now.

Gamers can also do surgeries beyond the torso now. The new Surgeon Simulator added limb transplants into the mix to add more complexity. Wannabe surgeons can then replace these limbs with brand new ones from a limb dispenser.

Bossa adds level creation tools similar to Garry’s Mod

Surgeon Simulator 2 does its best to keep itself fresh and enjoyable. Not only did the game add more things to do, but they’re also pushing the title further. New changes to the game’s engine will give gamers some more meat to chew.

For starters, Bossa made the entire game multiplayer, with up to four players at a time. Teams can work together or hinder each other during the surgery. This move offers more elaborate gameplay and the ability to delegate work.

What Bossa is most proud of, however, are their level creation tools. The dev team added new ways to manipulate all the elements of the game. With this equipment, players can do whatever they want and manage it as they like.

It seems Bossa is trying to be the next Garry’s Mod, encouraging more novel gameplay. Surgeon Simulator 2 will come out August 2020 and will be an Epic Game Store exclusive.

Images courtesy of Bossa Studios/YouTube Screenshot

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