Suri Cruise may follow in Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise’s footsteps

Suri Cruise may follow in Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise’s footsteps

As the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, there are high expectations about Suri Cruise. It’s no surprise if the 14-year-old celebrity kid will follow in her parents’ footsteps. So, is it possible that her mother will be a stage mom as she ventures in the world of Hollywood?

Suri Cruise recently celebrated her 14th birthday. Now that she has grown up, fans are expecting they she will soon grace either the small or big screen. Will we soon see this little fashionista doing TV or movie projects?

Suri Cruise, ready to join the entertainment world

There are rumors Tom Cruise hasn’t seen his daughter for a long while. So, it’s Katie Holmes’s whole responsibility to look after their kid. It only means that she’s the one who gives her the parental consent. Will the 41-year-old actress allow Suri Cruise to enter the entertainment business?

A source told OK!, via Celebrity Insider, that the young lady has her eyes to join the entertainment world. Her mother is even in full support of her decision.

Although Katie Holmes has been very conscious of Suri Cruise’s privacy, she might have a change of heart. As the kid is now 14, Tom Cruise’s former spouse feels like Suri is now ready to start a new venture. She may begin accepting projects, but it will only happen if it’s something Suri wants to be doing.

“[Suri’s] had acting offers coming in nonstop since she was around 8 or 9,” the insider revealed. “Katie wanted to ease her into the acting scene slowly and carefully, but she’s had the basic training, and now the time is right.”

The stage mom in Katie Holmes

Now that Suri Cruise may join the Hollywood, there are rumors Katie Holmes may turn into the “most famous stage mom.” National Enquirer claimed Jamie Foxx’s alleged ex-girlfriend believes her child has the blood and the wit to be a star.

The Dawson’s Creek star started acting at 18, so it may be the right time for her kid to follow in their footsteps. “Suri has already gotten acting training, and Katie believes she’s shown an amazing aptitude for the craft,” another tipster revealed. “Katie just needs to manage Suri’s schedule around her schoolwork, but she believes her daughter is ready to make a splash right.”

However, Gossip Cop debunks this claim, saying it’s completely fabricated. Katie Holmes has no plans to become a so-called “famous stage mom.” She also doesn’t want to see Suri Cruise be an actress.

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