Suri Cruise worried after Katie Holmes’ weight drops to 90 pounds: rumor

Suri Cruise is, allegedly, worried about her mom Katie Holmes’ health.

According to Now to Love, Suri Cruise noticed a drop in her mom’s weight shortly after Holmes’ split from Jamie Foxx. And even though the Dawson’s Creek actress is trying to use her upcoming endorsement as an excuse, her teen concerned couldn’t stop worrying about her. However, no concrete pieces of evidence can confirm that these hearsays are correct as of this writing.

But the insider insisted that Holmes’ friends are also concerned about her.

Katie Holmes’ weight allegedly drops to 41 kilograms

The source also claimed that the actress is heartbroken following Foxx’s engagement with Sela Vave. As such, she is refusing to eat healthily and doesn’t, allegedly, have the energy to get out of bed.

According to the unnamed source, it is possible for Holmes to have dropped to a “frightening 41kg” or 90 pounds.

“Katie runs out of energy after a short walk and underneath the make-up, she’s gaunt and grey. Suri is a smart kid. She has noticed the change in Katie and is doing her best to get her to eat. She bakes cookies and muffins for her mom all the time, but Katie only pretends to eat them,” the unnamed source said, as per Now to Love.

Suri Cruise allegedly aware that her mom isn’t looking after herself

Suri Cruise allegedly aware that her mom isn’t looking after herself

Despite Holmes’ alleged weight and eating struggles, she, reportedly, remains close to her only child with ex Tom Cruise.

“It was cute when Suri was young, but the result is a very young lady who’s mature enough to know Katie’s not looking after herself. If Katie doesn’t start gaining weight soon, I wouldn’t put it past Suri to enlist the help of her dad – which is the absolute last thing Katie would want. She worked hard to escape Tom, so him swooping in to be a hero would be totally humiliating,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that Holmes also struggled after Zac Posen shut down his fashion label last year.

“She enjoyed the fact that everyone knew she was Zac’s muse even though she’s not built like a model and he opened a lot of doors for her. But Katie’s finding a lot of them have been slammed in her face since he shut up his shop. It seems she’s decided that getting scary skinny is the only way to make a name for herself with another fashion label,” the source said.

Suri Cruise, Katie Holmes rumors debunked

However, one should take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt. Holmes isn’t struggling with her weight and eating habits. And the actress must have already moved on from Foxx.

As for her daughter, Suri Cruise doesn’t think that her mom isn’t taking care of herself. After all, Holmes is doing perfectly fine.

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