Survey shows 26% of Australians interested in buying crypto as Christmas gift conducted a survey of 2,020 Australians aged 18 to 59 years near the end of the year. Around 25% of those polled said they wished to give bitcoin as a present for Christmas. The survey was conducted last month for crypto users in Australia.

The majority of respondents interested in buying crypto gifts, or 53%, indicated they would consider buying Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) for their friends and family this Christmas.

Apart from purchasing these crypto assets directly, some of those eager to buy crypto-related gifts also mentioned that they would buy digital currency items as gifts.

From crypto-themed socks to NFTs

Some of them stated that they are already on the lookout for crypto-themed socks and hoodies to give as gifts.

Furthermore, the poll reveals that a variety of crypto-themed products, such as socks and sweatshirts, are the most popular holiday gifts this season.

Surprisingly, a third of those polled stated they were considering giving NFTs to their spouses, indicating the space’s growing appeal. Coin vouchers and crypto books were listed as other crypto-related gifts by respondents.

Crypto for day to day spending

Karl Mohan, the General Manager for Asia-Pacific at, commented on the survey’s findings, saying that more Australians are now incorporating crypto into their “day-to-day spending.”

“Australians are definitely eager to adopt cryptocurrencies and incorporate their use into day-to-day spending, and we’re looking forward to assisting them,” Mohan said.

According to the survey, online shopping is set to be the most popular option for Christmas purchases this year, with 67% of respondents preferring it.


Image courtesy of Cointelegraph News/YouTube

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