Survival horror ‘Skyhill: Black Mist’ is released on Steam today


Dark survival horror rogue-lite Skyhill: Black Mist is coming to Steam today. The new game is a sequel to the original Skyhill after five years.

Skyhill: Black Mist is not a direct follow-up to the original story. Instead, it is a parallel story with an entirely different setup inside the Skyhill universe.

Apart from a new story, the upcoming game also received new content. More gameplay updates make it distinct from the original too.

Black Mist will follow a parallel story from original Skyhill

From the game’s announcement trailer, players take on the role of a father moving in an apartment owned by the Skyhill Corporation. From here, a ton of mishaps starts happening to the player’s family.

Once players settle in, they’ll discover cultists and monsters are swarming the building. The player also discovers their daughter is missing. This situation puts them on a wild goose chase around the locale. If that’s not enough, a pervasive black mist is coming in and poisons everything it touches.

This story is consistent with the original Skyhill from 2015. The original game pushes the player to go down a 100-story skyscraper. The hotel itself is rundown with mutants born from the bioweapons of the third war.

The game’s dev team from Mandragora Games also dropped a live-action story trailer, which was equally as creepy as the game itself.

The biggest source of information for the game, however, is the 16-minute gameplay trailer. The trailer gives potential players a good look at what they can expect this coming weekend.

Black Mist added new gameplay features to set new game apart

The most significant change to Skyhill: Black Mist is the general gameplay. First, the game changed its perspective, moving from a 2D gameplay to isometric 3D.

Isometric 3D gameplay gives the game more space to move and a more cinematic look. The game also features other areas to explore other than the building. These areas include movie theatres, schools, and even a shopping mall.

Players can also delve into a ton of stealth mechanics and even go back into closed-off areas. This style gives the game a Metroidvania aspect to it, giving players more item pickups and even more information.

The crafting is also much more robust for a reason. Players would need all the help since they need to stave off the creeping darkness. Players need to manage both supplies and medication to prevent the character from succumbing to the darkness.

Skyhill: Black Mist will be available on Steam today. The entire Blackhill franchise is also available from the platform if players want to see more of the story.

Featured image courtesy of Klabater/Youtube Screenshots


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