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‘Survivor’ season 40 episode 11: Tony Vlachos bold scheme is risky


Tony Vlachos penetrates different alliances in the episode with his risky plan as a double agent.

Things can go extremely bad for Tony Vlachos in Survivor season 40 episode 11. The Survivor: Cagayan winner will try to make a bolder move in the game after weeks of flying under the radar.

In the upcoming Survivor: Winners at War episode, Tony is seen running through camp as if to escape from something. He mentioned wanting to do “more damage,” seemingly referring to the existing alliances. The promo clip also showed him telling Jeremy Collins of the plans to blindside him.

Tony has been playing a more subdued stance this season in comparison to his former strategies in Survivor: Game Changers. Looking back, Tony has learned that standing out is a threat. It was proven when he was the second person to be voted out of the 34th season.

Tyson Apostol goes back to Extinction Island

Before diving into what could happen in Survivor season 40 episode 11, retracing the events of the last episode will help viewers understand the decisions of the contenders.  For one, Tyson Apostol got voted off again, which meant he had to make his way back to Extinction Island.

Earlier in the episode, Survivor: Winners at War had one of its most emotional sequences to date. This was the episode where the castaways get a family visit. Afterwards, the immunity challenge followed right away.

Tony Vlachos eventually won individual immunity, marking him safe from elimination. Interestingly, Tony never won an immunity challenge before Survivor: Winners at War.

Tribal council in all its confusion

The episode’s tribal council was full of players using their trump cards. Jeremy, Sarah, and Kim all used their advantages either for themselves or for an ally. At the end of the episode, it was Tyson Apostol who suffered from the overall confusion.

Host Jeff Probst also had his own family-friendly moment after the jury members hugged him after the tribal council. Jeff shared how the jury hug was the “most personal and powerful moment” for him. In an interview, he explained that he still feels “indebted” to all the contestants of the reality competition program.

Preview of Survivor season 40 episode 11

Apart from Tony Vlachos scheming plan, Survivor season 40 episode 11 will reveal the disarray of the camp. The Survivor: Winners at War contestants will struggle with trust,  especially after last week’s blindside that resulted in Tyson’s elimination.

Jeremy, in particular, is confused about whether to believe any other castaway in the camp. In a confessional shown in the promo, he says that all of them have lied to each other at some point.

Meanwhile, Kim Spradlin approaches Denise Stapley regarding Tony’s attempts to divide the alliances. Moreover, Sarah Lacina tries to convince the other participants to ignore Tony’s plan. On a side note, it remains unclear how the alliances will shift with the ongoing dynamics and Tony’s double playing scheme.

For the fans and followers, Survivor: Winners at War will return with a new episode on Wednesday, April 22.

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