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Suzy Bae given prominence on new poster-making-off video


The new behind-the-scenes look on the poster filming session of tvN’s upcoming drama, Start-Up, shows Suzy Bae as a young professional individual.

Start-Up tells the story of people working in startup companies, hailing Suzy Bae as one of the lead stars. It takes place in South Korea’s fictional Silicon Valley called Sandbox.

Suzy Bae plays the character of Seo Dal Mi, who aspires to be the next Steve Jobs of Korea.

With her are Nam Joo Hyuk, who plays as the founder of Samsan Tech, Nam Do San. Kim Seon Ho is the team leader of SH Venture Capital, Han Ji Pyung. Kang Han Na acts as Won In Jae, the CEO and a second-generation chaebol.

Steve Jobs of Korea

The clip kicks off with the introduction of the characters with a series of hashtags. Suzy Bae was introduced first and posed as the casually dressed Seo Dal Mi. Her hashtag includes #MydreamistobetheCEO, #Thriving, and #Thedaringtype.

Math geek

Next up is Nam Joo Hyuk as Nam Do San, described as the #oncethemathgenius, #left-brained, and #engineeringstudentnerd.

Furthermore, Kang Han Na showed off her elegance and sharp charisma as Won In Jae. She is tagged as #elite. Other hashtags include #Thewomanwhohasitall and #Onlyrichontheoutside.

The businessman

Kim Seon Ho, as Han Ji Pyung, poses on the video clip with a business card. His hashtags include #Youngandrich, #TheGordonRamsayoftheinvestmentworld, and #Buthe’sasoftie.

Young professionals on Start-Up

The actors then continued their shoot as a group. The cast poses in front of a giant backdrop with the title of the drama written on it. Moreover, the ensemble went outdoors for another shoot in a more professional aura.

The video concluded with Suzy Bae and Nam Joo Hyuk, who plays as a same-age couple.

The shoot’s overall success made the production team feel an exceeding joy, considering the restrictions imposed on film and drama shoots.

For more of Start-Up, stay tune on Micky News!

Image courtesy of tvN DRAMA/YouTube Screenshot

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