Suzy Bae, Kang Han Na is the opposite sisters in ‘Start-Up’

Suzy Bae and Kang Han Na gave a glimpse of their characters as sisters in the upcoming drama Start-Up.

In the drama Start-Up, Heo Jung Eun plays the younger version of Seo Dal Mi, and Lee Re will play Won In Jae.

Seo Dal Mi remains with her dad Seo Chung Myung (Kim Joo Heon). Meanwhile, Won In Jae could not endure being poor, and she came with her mother, Cha Ah Hyun (Song Sun Mi).

Cha Ah Hyun remarried the “chaebol” Won Doo Jung (Uhm Hyo Seop). The matter led to the change of the name of Seo In Jae into Won In Jae.

After changing her last name, Seo Dal Mi and Won In Jae suddenly turned into two opposite. Seo Dal Mi works as a contract worker, while Won In Jae is an elite CEO.

Childhood memories

The released stills show how the two sisters are different from each other. Seo Dal Mi wears a big smile and cute pigtails. In contrast, Won In Jae has a blank expression on her face.

Based on the photos in the present day, it shows the same contrast between the two characters. As Seo Dal Mi is working hard as a contract worker, Won In Jae is enjoying and attending casual parties.

The reunion

After all the years of living their separate lives, the sisters found themselves in the same line where they both try their luck to enter Sandbox.

Seo Dal Mi dreamt that a great turn would happen to her, and her decision was not wrong when she was a child. Moreover, Won In Jae discarded her title as “chaebol” and CEO to find success independently.

Despite the tense relationship of the sisters, they still got a sweet first impression of each other.

Suzy Bae commented that she remembers Kang Ha Na’s warm and bright personality on the set, which is entirely different from her character as Won In Jae.

On the other hand, Kang Ha Na stated that Suzy Bae is cheerful, optimistic, and comfortable to work with.

Image courtesy of Netflix Asia/YouTube Screenshot

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