Suzy Bae, Nam Joo Hyuk talked about first impressions on ‘Start-Up’

Ahead of the premiere of tvN’s new drama Start-Up, Suzy Bae and Nam Joo Hyuk talked about each other’s first impressions.

Suzy Bae plays the role of Seo Dal Mi, the woman who dreams of becoming Korea’s Steve Jobs. At the same time, Nam Joo Hyuk acts as Nam Do San, the founder of Samsan Tech.

The new drama Start-Up tells a story of young people set out to achieve their dreams in the world of startup companies. It is set in a fictional South Korean version of Silicon Valley called Sandbox.

Nailing off their characters

Suzy Bae commented that his first impression of Nam Joo Hyuk is playful. His smile is so pure, and she thought that he would pull off the nerdiness and innocence of Nam Do San well. The actress also praised the acting skills of Nam Joo Hyuk.

Upon filming, she felt that his acting was according to his instincts, using it instead of taking the typical approach. Suzy Bae was surprised that he portrayed Nam Do San more than she expected.

Suzy Bae and Nam Joo Hyuk’s first project together

Nam Joo Hyuk also has high praise for Suzy Babe. He shared that Start-Up is their first project together. He could tell that she is Seo Dal Mi by looking at her, as she always radiates her bright and cheerful smile on set.

They hope that everyone will be looking forward to the youthful atmosphere between Nam Do San and Seo Dal Mi in their characters’ first meeting.

Furthermore, the newly released photos of Suzy Bae and Nam Joo Hyuk sets a hint of seamless chemistry. Both of them showed a bright smile with full of determination and youthful excitement.

As the drama’s premiere is fast approaching, the viewers’ curiosity and excitement for the story is also climbing its way to its highest level.

The two young people trying to break through the barriers and as the romance is soon to blossom.

Image courtesy of The Swoon/YouTube Screenshot

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