Suzy Bae tagged as the Taylor Swift of South Korea

K-Dramas features the sizzling chemistry of Suzy Bae and his co-stars, but the on-screen sparks do not mean that nothing is happening off-screen.

Ever since her debut in 2010 with Miss A’s idol group, Suzy Bae has always been lauded for her beauty and was dubbed as one of the Nation’s First Loves. It goes by saying that Suzy Bae had her fair share of handsome ex-boyfriends and also rumored romances.

Who of the hot K-drama actors she dated?

Lee Min Ho

Even when he did not get to work with her, he actively pursued Suzy Bae and got her number through an acquaintance. Suzy rejected Lee Min Ho multiple times, but he eventually won over her.

The couple confirmed their relationship with their fans but eventually ended it in 2017. The reason behind their breakup is due to their conflicting schedules.

Lee Dong Wook

Suzy Bae and Lee Dong Wook publicly announced their relationship in March 2018. According to the reports, their agencies rushed to confirm the news. They started dating as they told the public because the paparazzi already acquired photos of them together.

The couple only lasted for four months of dating. The songstress’ agency, JYP Entertainment, shared the cause and cited that they broke up because of busy schedules. With the actress’s intriguing love life, the netizens tagged her as the Taylor Swift of South Korea.

They are referring to how she had broken up with two men in less than a year. Suzy Bae’s fans came to defend her and pointed out that the confirmed relationships are hardly a string of heartbreaks.

The list continues for Suzy Bae

The list continues with the highest-paid actor in Korea, Kim Soo Hyun, and Lee Seung Gi, which fans loved the chemistry between them. Lee Seung Gi does not typically get along with female workmates, but he built a warm relationship with Suzy Bae.

Image courtesy of The Swoon/YouTube Screenshot

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