‘Sweet Magnolias’ season 2 highlights friendship and conflict

Netflix has officially announced the return of Sweet Magnolias. Moreover, Sweet Magnolias season 2 will highlight friendship and conflict.

After a successful season 1, it is no doubt that the small-town drama series is one of the favorites. With its dramatic finale last season, fans are hoping to uncover the details following the disastrous accident on the after-prom party. It might take a while before the fans could rejoin the ladies. Fortunately, showrunner Sheryl Anderson shared a glimpse of what to expect in Sweet Magnolias season 2.

Showrunner Sheryl Anderson teases twists and turns for season 2

Showrunner Sheryl Anderson who also worked on Charmed and Ties that Bind has spilled some details. She said:

“I really appreciate how passionate everybody is about what they think should happen. We set the cliffhanger up that way because we already knew where those storylines are going. And all I can say is we have our reasons so even if there are tough moments for our ladies, and our favorite characters go in unexpected directions, I hope viewers will have enough trust from season one that people will be willing to go on the roller coaster with us.”

Furthermore, fans will also expect to see conflict in season 2, but at the same time, the deep bond of Maddie, Helen, and Dana Sue will be highlighted. Actress Heather Headley who plays Helen opened up about the possibility of a rift between the trio. She said:

“I wouldn’t be surprised if something shakes the friendship a little bit, because something always does. A man? Money? I want to know what shakes their foundation a little bit, because how they come back together will be a beautiful thing.”

What to expect from Magnolias season 2

Season 1 has surprised the fans with a lot of episodes to follow through in the next season. For one, fans are hoping that Bill and Maddie might work out their differences. However, other viewers want Maddie to start a new relationship with Coach Cal.

Meanwhile, there’s more to the story of the love triangle between Helen, Erik, and Ryan. It might be that Ryan and Helen have finally ended their relationship. Moreover, season 2 might give Erik the time to have the courage to tell Helen about his feelings.

Isaac, on the other hand, has confronted Dana Sue, thinking that she is his mother. Whether this is true or not, Isaac has a lot of digging to do about his biological parents.

When is the release date

At the moment, there is no official release date, including the start of filming. However, the filming will occur in Covington, Georgia.

Image Courtesy of Netflix/YouTube Screenshot

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