Switch OLED dock to be also sold separately via Nintendo online store

The Nintendo Switch OLED dock

Nintendo is, reportedly, making the new Switch OLED dock available for general users by selling it separately online.

The game community was in for a surprise yesterday when Nintendo abruptly released a trailer announcing the will-be launch of yet another Switch model. Dubbed the OLED model, the new model makes for a slight improvement over the original. At least, in its capability to display games at a higher resolution and a few quality-of-life improvements.

New Design, New Feature

One of those QOL is undeniably the dock which comes with a re-design that gives it a slightly different look. But this is more than just about aesthetics as seen on the rounded edges. Functionality-wise, the dock comes pre-built with a cable port, which connects the console to the internet via wired means. Meaning, also, technically faster and more stable internet than its wireless counterpart.

The latter alone may not necessarily be a very compelling reason for pre-existing owners to adopt the OLED model. But it does not mean that such owners will have to shelve a full asking price of the new design just to get it. Nintendo, as it seems, is making the dock itself accessible for general consumers by selling it separately through its online store. Consequently, this adheres to The Verge’s claim that the dock will function interchangeably with the non-OLED model Switch.

Dock Only

As per Digital Trends, Nintendo confirms that the dock and dock alone will be purchasable online.

“The white dock and black dock will be sold separately (no HDMI cable, no AC adaptor, not in a package) on the Nintendo online store. It will not be sold at retail”.

The comment has been pretty explicit in stating that the item in question will be exclusive to the company’s online shop. This means that those thinking of coming across it and grabbing one elsewhere will be in for dismay. Not even for a popular platform, like Amazon or Best Buy.

As of writing, there is still no concrete data as to how much it will be when it goes for sale. But for reference, it’s worth noting that Nintendo has always been selling the Switch dock as a separate purchase for $60. But this comes with all the complete peripherals one would expect. Alternatively, there is the refurbished version that comes at a cheaper $40 price tag and a 90-day warranty.

Image used courtesy of Nintendo UK/YouTube Screenshot

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