Switch ‘Overwatch’; free-to-play for a week in Japan

Blizzard launched Overwatch on the Nintendo Switch last year, but it seems like the game didn’t get the attention it deserved. Now, players in Japan have the chance to play it for free for a week.

Blizzard’s Overwatch has been on the Switch since October last year. While it still has a solid player base on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, most especially on the PC, the Switch version of the game is struggling. In celebration of the game’s upcoming anniversary, Blizzard and Nintendo have readied something special.

Free week

The hit shooter will be free-to-play from Oct. 13 to 20. However, it is not free for everyone, as only those who are subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online can access the full game free of charge. During this free week, players will be able to access the shooter without any restrictions.

What’s even better is that on Oct. 27, the game will have a 25% discount on the Nintendo eShop. Those that love the title during its free trial will have the chance to get the game at a cheaper price. Whatever progress they made during the free week will, of course, carry over to the game once they purchase it.

Switch difference

It’s a marvel that the Nintendo Switch was able to run Blizzard’s Overwatch. Indeed, it is a demanding game, so there were some compromises made for it to run on the handheld.

The game does have downgraded graphics and frame rates. Some players have commented that the upgrades weren’t too bothersome, so the game remains pretty much still fun to play. The Switch version does come with a special feature unique to it.

Thanks to the handheld’s gyroscope, players can enjoy the game using motions to control the aim. It may seem hard at first, but it’s still an enjoyable way to play the shooter.

Fans are now hoping that the Halloween Terror event comes just in time for the free week of the game on the Switch. However, Blizzard is yet to reveal some of their teases for the upcoming seasonal event.

Nintendo’s decision to make Overwatch temporarily free should be a great means to get more players to join the game. The Switch is greatly lagging behind other platforms in terms of the number of players. Hopefully, this version of the game gets more support from the community as the game is truly worth it.

Image used courtesy of Nintendo/YouTube

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