‘Sword and Shield’ update: Free Shiny Zeraora is now available for download

Sword and Shield fans have defeated over a million Zeraora in Max Raid Battles. This means they earn the right to own a free Shiny Zeraora.

A Shiny Zeraora is now available for and Sword and Shield players via Pokemon Home transfer. Game Freak welcomed the release of the Isle of Armor DLC by giving the most difficult in the game to date.

The mythical Zeraora

Zeraora is a Mythical Pokemon which debut in alongside Gen 7 for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. During that time, the elusive Pokemon was only distributed through event giveaways or trading with other players.

To receive the rare Zeraora in its Shiny Form in Sword and Shield, Game Freak required its players to join together and defeat one million Zeraora in Max Raid Battles.

Zeraora began appearing in the Wild Area as a celebration of the launch of the Isle of Armor DLC. This was one of the most difficult events in the history of the game, so players had to come up with techniques to defeat Dynamaxed Zeraora as fast as possible.

How to claim

Fortunately, Sword and Shield players across the globe accomplished the challenge set by Game Freak. This means that every player in the game can claim a free Shiny Zeraora.

However, to claim the Shiny Pokemon, players must first have a Pokemon Home app on their mobile phones. After downloading the app, they should also move at least one Pokemon from the app into Sword and Shield from June 17 to July 6.

After this task has been finished, the Shiny Zeraora can now be claimed in Pokemon Home as a Mystery Gift then moved into Sword and Shield.

Armorite Ore

In addition to the free Shiny Zeraora, players will also receive eight Armorite Ores. The code for the Armorite Ore can also be located in the Mystery Gift section of Pokemon Home.

However, the code will need to be inputted in Pokemon Sword and Shield’s menu for the item to be used inside the game. Armorite Ore is a new item that can be traded to a Move Tutor in the Isle of Armor, in return, the tutor will teach Pokemon new moves.

Mythical Pokemon has been the most sought after monsters in the game ever since the days of Mew in Pokemon Blue and Red. However, catching one hasn’t always been easy.

Luckily, Pokemon Sword and Shield players today can now just attend events to obtain rare Pokemon such as the Shiny Zeraora.

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