Sydney, Darwin enter COVID-19 lockdowns as Delta variant cases surge

Sydney, Darwin enter COVID-19 lockdowns as Delta variant cases surge

On Sunday, Sydney began its two-week lockdown, Meanwhile, residents in the city of Darwin now have to stay at home for two days.

On Wednesday, Sydney residents faced new COVID-19 restrictions following the surge of cases due to the Delta variant. Officials reintroduced “soft touch” curbs in New South Wales to contain the outbreak in its capital.

It was the first virus cluster in the state in more than a month. At that time, the new COVID-19 cases had risen to over 40.

Despite the efforts, though, the number has continued to show an increasing trend. Days after the implementation of the new restrictions, the state’s capital started its two-week lockdown, according to Al Jazeera.

Two-week lockdown in Sydney

On Sunday, the cases of the highly transmissible variant rose to 110. This caused the city of Sydney to enter its lockdown for 14 days.

The restrictions now require individuals to stay indoors for two weeks. Residents may only go out to buy essential goods, get medical care, attend classes, or if work-from-home is not applicable.

Non-essential shops and stores, including bars, cafes, and restaurants, closed their doors on the first day of the lockdown. The restrictions extend across the capital, including even in the mountainous and coastal regions that surround the city.

During the announcement of the lockdown, state Premier Gladys Berejuklian noted that a snap lockdown would not be enough. She also stated that they anticipate an increase in the number of cases in the next few days, given “how contagious” the Delta variant is.

Two-week lockdown in Sydney

Snap lockdown in Darwin

Meanwhile, as Sydney enters its two-week stay-at-home orders, the city of Darwin begins its snap lockdown on the same day. This comes after officials detected five new COVID-19 cases, which have links to a Central Australian mine, according to ABC AU.

The 48-hour lockdown applies to all the residents of Darwin, Palmerston, and Litchfield. This also includes the Darwin rural area, as well as the Belyuen and Wagait Shires.

Individuals may only leave their homes for medical treatments and essential work. They may also go out when providing care for others, buying necessities, and exercising for an hour within a 5-kilometer radius.

Delta variant clusters sent NSW in isolation

Neighboring states and regions have shut their borders, sending New South Wales in isolation, since Wednesday. But, no words or reports have emerged as to whether other states and cities will impose new lockdowns.

The outbreak in the capital has links to an international flight crew driver, who tested positive for the Delta variant of the coronavirus earlier this month. As for the Delta variant cases in Darwin, reports said they have no relationship to the outbreak in Sydney.

Images (1) & (2) courtesy of World Health Organization (WHO)/YouTube

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