Sydney authorities warned ‘worse’ may be ahead as cases reach new high

Sydney authorities warned 'worse' may be ahead as cases reach new high

Sydney is currently in a three-week ‘hard lockdown,’ which will conclude on July 16.

Several countries are facing a new wave of the coronavirus pandemic due to the Delta variant. One of them is Australia, particularly in Sydney, New South Wales.

The nation’s most populous state entered its lockdown later in June. This comes after the emergence of a virus cluster in the capital.

Officials have placed the measures to contain the transmissions. However, authorities from the city recently noted that “worse may yet to come” for Sydney following its new 2021 record high, according to Reuters.

New record high of COVID-19 cases for 2021

On Saturday, the state of New South Wales reported its “biggest daily rise” in COVID-19 infections for this year. The record reached the number of 50, an increase from the 44 new cases the day before.

The publication said that the latest figures bring the Sydney outbreak to 489 cases. As noted, the culprit is the “highly infectious” Delta variant, which officials first detected in India.

In the 50 new COVID-19 cases on July 10, 26 of them were reportedly individuals “who had spent time in the community” while they were contagious. This led authorities to warn the public that “worse may be ahead” for the state’s capital.

In a televised briefing on the same day, the NSW’s Premier pointed out that this is the “only conclusion” they could draw. Gladys Berejiklian, then, notified everyone that “things are going to get worse before they get better.”

New record high of COVID-19 cases for 2021

About the current outbreak in Sydney

The same outlet continued that about one in 10 individuals were infected in the current outbreak in Sydney. This comes as the total number of cases in the hospital reaches 47.

Out of these cases, 19 people are under the age of 55. Meanwhile, 16 are in “intensive care,” adding that the number includes a teenager.

Health authorities, then, shared that 79 percent of the individuals admitted to hospitals “have not had” any COVID-19 vaccines. Moreover, no fully vaccinated individuals have reportedly required care from the hospital.

Tougher COVID-19 protection measures

New South Wales achieved its previous record high of 44 COVID-19 cases on Friday. This caused officials to announce that they would “strengthen” their measures, according to CNN.

The lockdown began on June 26 following a virus cluster due to the Delta variant. They are set to conclude the restrictions on July 16, but some have since reportedly expressed concerns that extensions may apply.

Starting on Friday, individuals in Sydney may only shop for essentials. They may not also leave farther than a 10-kilometer radius from their homes. Furthermore, residents are prohibited from exercising in groups of more than two.

Images courtesy of Science Insider/YouTube

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