This is how synchronized BLACKPINK’s choreographies are according to an AI

In ten of their most popular songs, AI reveals how synchronized BLACKPINK is.

Techie ray, a YouTuber and artificial intelligence whiz is back at it again to analyze BLACKPINK with artificial intelligence. The top ten choreographies of Jisoo, Rose, Jennie, and Lisa are listed below.

The songs with which they are the most (or least) synchronized are listed below.

1. As if it’s the last time

The choreography for “As If It’s Your Last” set the tone for the group’s “pink” side. It had a lot of energy and a fun, playful vibe to it. BLACKPINK’s synchronization rate when performing “As If It’s Your Last” is 90.49 percent, according to Techie ray’s AI software.

2. Playing With Fire

Even though the choreography for “Playing With Fire” is not particularly difficult, it perfectly complements the song’s dark and powerful tone. When BLACKPINK performs “Playing With Fire,” according to Techie ray’s AI software, they have an average synchronization rate of 90.21 percent.

3. I’ll Be Young Forever

With lots of fluid, water-like moves, the choreography for this song exuded the best beach vibes.

BLACKPINK has an 87.1 percent synchronization rate when performing “Forever Young,” according to Techie ray’s AI software.


With “BOOMBAYAH,” BLACKPINK was on fire, barely pausing to catch their breath during the song’s choreography. BLACKPINK’s synchronization rate for “BOOMBAYAH” is 84.06 percent, according to Techie ray’s AI software.

5. Lovesick Girls

With “Lovesick Girls,” BLACKPINK’s discography was given a more fluid title track. Smooth and smooth dance moves were featured in the song. BLACKPINK had an 83.31 percent sync rate when performing Lovesick Girls, according to Techie ray’s AI software. It was also revealed that of all the BLACKPINK choreographies, Lovesick Girls has the most complicated formations and acrobatic moves.

6. How does that sit with you?

“How You Like That” featured a lot of complicated arm movements and a lot of sharp, fast-changing moves.

BLACKPINK can synchronize at 79.94 percent during “How You Like That,” according to Techie ray’s AI software.

7. Kill This Love

When the military-style choreography “Kill This Love” dropped, every BLINK could form a unit.

BLACKPINK’s synchronization rate for “Kill This Love” is 79.91 percent, according to Techie ray’s AI software.


The song’s powerful choreography propelled BLACKPINK to international fame.

BLACKPINK has a synchronization rate of 78.52 percent, according to Techie ray’s AI software in DDU-DU-DDU-DU. Moving camera angles, however, may have an impact on this analysis.

9. Don’t Know What To Do

Don’t Know What to Do is a fantastic book that combines fluid, flowing movements with sharp, angular body movements.

BLACKPINK’s synchronization rate for “Don’t Know What To Do” is 75.76 percent, according to Techie ray’s AI software. However, scores for dance practices that involve constantly changing camera angles may be lower than they should be, according to techie ray. According to the analysis, “Don’t Know What to Do” has the most complicated moves out of BLACKPINK’s choreographies.


Rather than concentrating on synchronization, choreography for “Whistle” has groovy moves that go well with the exotic hip-hop beat.

BLACKPINK’s synchronization rate for “Whistle” is 58.9%, according to Techie ray’s AI software.

Here’s techie ray’s YouTube video to see the complete scores for each song, including an analysis of BLACKPINK’s pre-debut performance.



Image courtesy of BLACKPINK/YouTube

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