System update for Nintendo Switch released to fix controller issue

The recent firmware update for the Nintendo Switch will hopefully put an end to Pro Controller drifting issues.

The Nintendo Switch has become one of the most famous gaming consoles of this generation. However, its Joy Con drifting issue has been its major drawback. 

Following the issue, players from all over the world have been reporting the issue of Nintendo Switch’s first-party controllers for a long time now. A few days ago, Nintendo Switch owners received a new system update which was rolled out without any warning. The update is applicable for both the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite.

10.0.2 Patch Notes

The gaming giant released the Nintendo Switch version 10.0.2 update last April 29, 2020, which was addressed to fix drifting and other issues on the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

This update will be most beneficial to players using the Pro Controller as their prime means of playing the Nintendo Switch.

This update will be most beneficial to players using the Pro Controller as their prime means of playing the Nintendo Switch.

Controller issues

Unfortunately, the update is not the fix for all controllers which have drifting issues, especially for the Joy Con controllers. Last year, players began reporting the issue and people have even gone as far as filing a lawsuit against the gaming giant for its Joy Con drifting issue.

After receiving these concerns, Nintendo swore that they would issue refunds and replacements for controllers affected by the drifting issue.

Hopefully, this new update for the Pro Controllers will be Nintendo’s stepping stone to figuring out a permanent solution for the drifting issue across all their first-party controllers.

Nintendo Direct

As gaming enthusiasts welcome the month of May, everyone seems to be excited to hear the biggest announcements in the industry. This month is famous among gamers because of the yearly conventions where major game manufacturers give a glance at their upcoming projects.

However, the current global pandemic has put the events on hold. Producers have decided to cancel for the safety of the presenters and viewers. Even this year’s E3 2020, the biggest annual gaming convention, has been postponed much to the letdown of the gaming community.

In addition to these unfortunate events, Nintendo has also reported that they are going to postpone the Nintendo Direct scheduled this June. During these trying times, the only thing to do is to try and adjust living indoors. Luckily, for gamers, there won’t be too many adjustments.

Besides, there are still plenty of game releases to help pass time. Currently, the Nintendo eShop is having a sale on some of its top Nintendo Switch games.

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