Tachanka rework dropping this week in ‘Rainbow Six Siege’

Tachanka rework dropping this week in 'Rainbow Six Siege'

After months of waiting, Rainbow Six Siege is now set to release the new Tachanka rework in a few hours.

With Rainbow Six Siege updates getting scattered around the web, Ubisoft has finally made it official that Tachanka 2.0 will be deployed in the next update.

This Pathfinder operator was made popular by memes. Ironically nicknamed “Lord Tachanka,” he is well known for being the operator with a guaranteed death in each defending round.

Here we discuss in detail what significant changes will Tachanka possibly face in the new update.

A stacked flame grenade launcher

A YouTuber named Pigeon R6 released a video this month showing cheaters using Tachanka’s rework early in a gaming session.

In the first minutes of the video, we observe that Tachanka is now using a flame grenade launcher, which could be a potential game-changer for the Spetsnaz operator.

Jean-Baptiste Halle at the last Six Invitational 2020 told reporters that Ubisoft sees him as a reliable alternative to Smoke or Goyo when it comes to crowd control as he added:

“Right now if you play him right, learn the angles, and know the best places to set on fire, you can deny a pretty big amount of space for a pretty long time.”

Tachanka can now carry his machine gun anywhere

Probably the most significant rework of this update is his mounted machine gun, which could be inconvenient for players who have used him.

The reason why some players don’t like using him is because of his lack of mobility especially with his main ability to just sit there and watch.

However, with this massive rework that Ubisoft has done, the community shall see if his meme popularity will still hold.

Featured image courtesy of Ubisoft/YouTube Screenshot

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