‘Tacoma’ is free on Epic Games right now

Tacoma is free on Epic Games right now

Epic Games is giving away Tacoma for free until July 31. Fullbright released the game back in 2017. It is also available on Xbox One.

Tacoma has been out for a while now. It is nearing its third-year anniversary on August 2. It is not as great as The Witcher 3 in terms of longevity. But, it is still a great game until now.

Considering that Steam is selling the game for US$19.99[AU$28.06], Tacoma is a steal on Epic Games for only $9.11. It is even better now that it is free.

Get Tacoma while its free

Tacoma gameplay

Tacoma lets players explore the space. It is set in an empty space station in the year 2088. The player takes the role of Amy.

Amy owns an augmented reality (AR) device. It allows her to check out what is happening on the ship. This device also allows her to listen and view what happened to the non-playable characters in the past.

All reviews of the past may be played like a regular video. Amy can fast-forward, skip some parts, or rewind the necessary scenario.

The game revolves around checking out the history of people. Players must also look for clues. This is one of the key things in order to move forward in the game.

The AR device also serves as a communication hub. Players receive information on what to do next here.

A playable interactive story

This game is not a typical adventure video game. It is more of a storybook where players unlock every chapter.

With that being said, it may not be for everyone. It does indicate that it provides a “richly layered story experience” so players must set their expectations.

Checking out by the Steam reviews, players commended Fullbright for the excellent storytelling.

Tacoma does not feel rushed. The story is carefully written to provide an immersive experience.

The game’s story does not simply tackle a regular space adventure. Delving deep down into the game opens up a deeper book. Tacoma deals with capitalism, corporate slavery, human life, corruption, and life with artificial intelligence.

Tacoma is also available on Xbox and PlayStation 4

Is it worth getting?

This game is for lovers of adventure games with elements of storytelling. Think of it as a film in cinema form. For someone who is interested in that genre, then this game is worth spending the storage space.

It does feel like a spacewalking simulator as well. That is another factor. Some might find it boring because of it.

However, gamers who enjoy simple interactions will definitely enjoy exploring the game.

For someone who despises story-based titles, this game is not the one. It does not have flashy action sequences nor does it have The Witcher 3 kind of action. But, it is worth adding to the game library.

Tacoma is more of a feel-good game worth playing on the weekends. It may even serve as a date night kind of thing. It is a story worth exploring with someone.

Images (1) courtesy of GOG, images (2) (3) courtesy of Tacoma

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