Tactical RPG ‘Banner of the Maid’ finally headed to consoles

Tactical RPG 'Banner of the Maid' finally headed to consoles

Historical turn-based strategy title Banner of the Maid is confirmed for a console port after its Steam release earlier this year.

Developer Azure Flame Studio and publisher CE-Asia recently revealed plans to port their successful tactical RPG Banner of the Maid to major consoles later this year.

The anime-inspired strategy game made its PC debut in China in May of last year, with a well-received English localized Steam release following shortly after in February 2020.

An anime-themed French Revolution

Banner of the Maid is a fantasy adventure set in an alternate version of the French Revolution, which lands somewhere between the 18th and 19th centuries.

The story revolves around a young officer named Pauline Bonaparte, sister to the aspiring general Napoleon who would later go down in history as a legend. As France is in flames, Pauline will have to rally her troops and lead them, while also carefully building alliances and garnering support.

The hot-blooded protagonist isn’t just an ordinary officer, however, as she is also what is known as a “Maid”—a mythical woman with earth-shattering powers able to single-handedly sway the tide of battle.

Features of Banner of the Maid

Banner of the Maid marries well-established tactical turn-based combat with traditional Japanese RPG elements, drawing not-so-subtle influences from two of the greatest games in the genre, Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre.

The historical RPG boasts over 30 different types of terrain to navigate, and more than 30 colorful characters who, depending on the player’s choices, will either become allies or enemies.

The game’s interesting take on a significant historical narrative is told through beautifully crafted Visual Novel-style anime art and promises a healthy dose of fantasy, history, and politics.

A solid addition to the tactical RPG catalog

Banner of the Maid has been garnering some pretty great reviews since its release back in May of last year. Pauline’s journey has netted her a “Very Positive” overall review on Steam, with more than 2800 like-minded fans.

Review aggregator site Metacritic scored the game a respectable 69/100 based off of six different gaming publications, and an average user score of 7.2 out of 10.

The game was unanimously praised for its stellar pixel art style, attractive anime rendering, and overall intriguing premise. Unfortunately, Banner of the Maid did receive flak over its half-assed English localization and its overly-specific win conditions.

Publisher CE-Asia has yet to set an official release date, but fans can expect Banner of the Maid to make its way to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch later this year.

Featured image courtesy of Banner of the Maid/Twitter

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