Tactical RPG ‘Battle Brothers’ reveals upcoming DLC on August 13


Indie tactical RPG Battle Brothers is coming back with a new expansion on its midst. The gritty and spectacular “Blazing Deserts” DLC will come out on August 13.

Fans of Battle Brothers should prepare to have sand go everywhere with the new expanse. This year’s expansion explores a southland of city-states and a more advanced civilization. These come in contrast with last year’s DLC that added a desolate, frozen North.

Brothers is a superbly complex sellsword game

Brothers is one of the many outstanding indie games from the last few years. While the title is more obscure than the average indie, the game has a solid cult following. The game was superb, with its tactical combat similar to the Total War series.


In the game, players take on the role of mercenaries in a small German countryside. As players move through the story, they will discover a wide world ahead. As a newly minted sellsword band, the world is a wide-open wallet waiting for ludicrous spending.

Players will enjoy paying the iron price every step of the way. As long as players have enough to feed their band, they can go anywhere to earn their coin. The fun, hexagonal warfare can be distracting from how complex the game truly is.

Brothers is notorious for its lack of tutorials, which surprises any greenhorn sellsword. Its company management is complex, and its menus are clunky. Now, the game is much better than ever with updates and new expansions.

Blazing Desert will challenge newbies and vets alike

The new Battle Brothers DLC “Blazing Desert” is everything Anakin Skywalker hates about sand. The new expansion is coarse, rough, irritating, and goes everywhere, but in a good way. The DLC is a challenge to the player base.

Blazing Desert will have new non-combat followers that can join the band. There are a variety of late-game hiccups that players would need to handle. Gamers will also find firearms but are appropriate to the generally medieval era.

Players can wield fire lances, mortars, and even antiquated hand cannons. There are also Arena matches that will let players earn some more moolah. Players can even play as a different band from faraway with the new origins system.

Gamers can also expect a few surprises, like a sun god and a giant snake to boot. There is more info about the newest DLC on the game’s official website. Battle Brothers is available on Steam and will stay at 50% off through the summer sale.

Images courtesy of Overhype Studios/Official Press Release

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