Tactical RPG ‘Fae Tactics’ will come to Steam and Humble Summer 2020


Turn-based tactical RPG Fae Tactics is coming to Steam soon. The game promises “menuless” combat, letting players fight with mythical creatures.

Fae Tactics puts players in charge of Faes – magical summons that can help in combat. A new trailer also came out from this weekend’s PC Gaming Show. This new video showcases potential gameplay and the beautiful pixel art environment.

The game takes much of its style and gameplay from Final Fantasy Tactics. The graphics and color palettes are also similar to Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

Fae lets players adventure around a dying world

The basic premise of Fae is a reasonable foray into a world of might and magic. Young magician Peony is on an adventure across a beautiful, vibrant world. As she goes on a journey around the lands, she will encounter all manners of danger.

Through her adventures, Peony will find allies and create a ragtag band of fighters. She’ll also cast magic and summon allies called Faes to her side. As the world changes around her, Peony will discover how torn the land is.

Players will also see how the rising tensions between man and Fae can affect the world around them. Fae is your typical magical fantasy scenario. It’s reminiscent of Square’s Tactics and Tactics Advanced, who made hallmarks to the genre.

The view is reminiscent of Tactics Advanced, which focused more on the adventure aspect. The magical Fae creatures harken back to Final Fantasy summons. Each Fae seems to have their attributes, giving players a variety of advantages. The game has a level of Pokemon-style “collect ‘em all” for these allies of magic.

Fae improves on the hallmark turn-based tactics combat

Fae Tactics is not only a cute game but has a ton of features on it too. There are mini-games that players can do to pass the time. Combat in-game is quite intuitive too.

Much of the combat is “menuless,” which means players don’t need to pick actions. Many games, especially the original FFT and Tactics Advance, have a ton of menus. Isometric tactical combat has menus as a hallmark of the genre.

With Fae, players can use their skills and powers as they want. Players can improve on their skills to improve on stats. There are also Faes that players can use aiding different styles of combat. Bosses can also give players the challenge that they need.

Fae Tactics will come this summer and currently has a Steam listing. The game will be available for PC on Steam and the Humble Store.

Images courtesy of Humble Games/Youtube Screenshots

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