Taemin gears for ‘Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 2’

SHINee’s Taemin is more than ready for a remarkable comeback with the third installment of his Never Gonna Dance Again trilogy.

On November 9, Taemin held a live broadcast titled Taemin’s Act 2 Lecture: Idea Theory. He interacted with his fans regarding his latest album, Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 2.

He puts on glasses and gloves, transforming himself into a professor as he introduces his album as a work of art.

The different aspect of Taemin

Talking about the album, Taemin talked about the teaser photos. He wore his interpretation of the SHINee uniform during their promotions with Everybody. He stated that it holds different meanings for him.

Considering his time being active, he gathered a few new fans. He laughed and stated that they were maybe charmed by his honesty. He wanted to ask them why did they like him.

Help from a good friend

Taemin went through each of his songs on the album and shared some stories. In his music Be Your Enemy, he shared that he recorded everything independently before Wendy helped him out. Taemin thought that the song would be better if a man and woman sing it together.

He asked Red Velvet’s Wendy, and she agreed with no hesitation. Both of them created a beautiful song together.

Change for the better

There were moments that their bond is more remarkable than other groups, and there were many times that their fans are also more passionate than others. The fans promote his album with stickers on their car.

Those were some moments where he thinks that they are special, and he is so lucky to have those kinds of fans out there.

Lastly, he shared how he prepared his album. He felt relieved and still looking forward to the next album.

Taemin wanted to change the way he has been thinking about other than standing in front of everyone. He will continue to pursue his self-transformation even he is curious about his future self.


Image courtesy of SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

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