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Angelina Jolie health: Brad’s ex allegedly weighs less than daughter Shiloh

Angelina Jolie, allegedly, weighs less than her daughter, Shiloh. Three years ago, Star claimed that the weight of Angelina Jolie was down to just 78...

Angelina Jolie allegedly lost so much weight to get Brad Pitt back

Angelia Jolie, allegedly, thinks that starving herself and losing as much weight as possible is the best way to get back at Brad Pitt. According...

Angelina Jolie ‘starving’ herself to make Brad Pitt look bad: rumor

Angelina Jolie has, allegedly, been starving herself to make her ex-husband, Brad Pitt look like the villain. According to NW, per Now to Love, Angelina...

Angelina Jolie health: Brad’s ex-wife starving, collapsing due to Jennifer?

Angelina Jolie’s health has been a source of concern among her fans for years. In March, Now to Love published a bogus story about Angelina...