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CME Bitcoin options doubles Bakkt’s volume on its first day

The Chicago based CME Group traded 54 options on Bitcoin Futures on its first day today - but both were trounced by an upstart. With...

STABBED IN THE BAKKT? ‘Not a scam’, but not the whole truth either

Economist Alex Kruger has been forced to clarify his remarks on Bakkt Bitcoin Futures, after his analysis set off a firestorm. Everybody needs to chill:...
Bakkt's new record as it claims CME can't stop Bitcoin price manipulation

Bakkt’s new record as it claims CME can’t stop Bitcoin price manipulation

Bakkt claims its new cash-settled Bitcoin futures can help combat the suspicious price moves seen around the close of CME futures contracts. Bakkt Futures hit...
Bakkt’s grand plans for cryptocurrency evolution

Bakkt announces grand plans for cryptocurrency evolution

The crypto landscape changed dramatically when Bitcoin futures were introduced in late 2017. Since then there has been more interest by institutions offering a...
Christmas miracle or bull trap? Bitcoin price spikes 12%

Bakkt smashes previous all-time high, announces Bitcoin options launch

Fresh off of a new all-time high, Bitcoin futures exchange Bakkt has announced the launch of Bitcoin options trading on its platform. A new trading...
Bakkt hits new all-time high as Bitcoin investors 'buy the dip'

Bakkt hits new all-time high as Bitcoin trading volume jumps 796% in one day

Bitcoin futures exchange Bakkt hit a new all-time high on Wednesday as its trading volume soared by nearly 800% over the previous day. In all,...