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BIRTH OF VENUS: Binance to launch 'independent, regional version' of Facebook's Libra

BIRTH OF VENUS: Binance to launch ‘independent, regional version’ of Facebook’s Libra

Binance may be giving Facebook a run for its money as it announced plans to launch 'Venus' - an open blockchain project that will...
BINANCE DISASTER: Hackers steal $42 million

BINANCE CEO: ‘It feels like 2017 again’

The creation of Binance's own blockchain has pushed the price of the exchange's BNB token towards an all-time high, and the company's CEO is...
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BREAKING: Binance Chain expected to launch today

Binance has signalled in a somewhat cryptic twitter post that its highly-anticapted native blockchain platform, Binance Chain, will launch within hours. "Today marks the birth...