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Van Eck's Bitcoin trust reports just $41,000 AUM after dismal first week

VanEck Bitcoin trust reports just $41,000 in assets after dismal first week

In the first week since its launch, the VanEck Bitcoin trust has only issued 4 bitcoins to institutional investors - a value of just...
Binance futures platform off to a rough start, tester critiques

Binance futures tester: Platforms ‘unusuable’, ‘not documented well’

Last week the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, announced the launch of two futures testnet platforms - but not everyone is impressed. The launch of...
Tired of waiting for BTC prices to rise? Change the way you invest!

Tired of waiting for Bitcoin prices to rise? Change the way you invest!

Bitcoin failed to reclaim the $11,000 threshold on August 19 and over the next two days tumbled to four digits once again. In just a...
Will Bitcoin's price rally resume its climb toward $15,000?

Will Bitcoin’s price rally resume its climb toward $15,000?

The past week was a volatile one for Bitcoin, which gained and lost more than $US3,400 in just four days' time. The popular cryptocurrency...
Bitcoin 5000

BITCOIN FUTURES RECORD: Trading rockets after $5000 break

Bitcoin's break above the key $5000 resistance level has led to some frenzied activity on Wall Street, with trading in Bitcoin futures contracts spiking...
Picture: Is Bitcoin totally useless?

OPINION: Is Bitcoin totally useless?

Bitcoin is one of the greatest ideas in human history — a decentralised store of money offering safe, secure and (mostly) anonymous online transactions. The problem is...